Renewing water pipes due to calcified pipes; a peculiar natural phenomenon

Is the water flowing very weakly? Does your boiler constantly stop working? Then it is quite possible that your pipes are calcified and the only solution may be to replace your water pipes!

What is lime?

Lime or calcium carbonate is obtained by heating water, then the solubility of the water decreases and the calcium carbonate settles on the walls. You can easily see this, for example, on the heating element of a water boiler.

Installing a descaler will not solve the problem of previously accumulated limescale. In any case, start unscrewing and cleaning the filters of your taps. You can, for instance, put them in vinegar overnight.

Often the connection of the hot water pipe to the boiler is blocked, please contact NuFlow. The blockage can also be in other places.

Above all, do not descale yourself, there are pipes made of stainless steel, lead, copper and galvanised pipes: you can cause damage if you do it wrong. NuFlow cleans the pipeline without toxic substances and applies an epoxy coating, so the pipeline is permanently protected against limescale. The pipeline can be used again the very next day. View our working method here.

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