Repair water pipes without breaking

Repairing water pipes is our business

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Repairing pipes is our business. The most important consequences of flooding on your sanitary pipes are insufficient water pressure, damp walls or tiles, leaks, corrosion... The problems accumulate unnoticed and cause great damage. On top of this there is of course the loss of litres of water. Nu Flow comes to the rescue with a sophisticated and sustainable method! By applying an epoxy inner layer, corroded and eroded pipes are repaired without high expenses or major works.

What are the problems of broken water pipes?

How do we repair your pipes?

Unique & patented technology

Nu Flow tackles this problem with the Nu Flow coating, a technique that gives sanitary pipes permanent protection against corrosion!

Step 1

Diagnosis and set-up repair pipe without breaking
  1. The pipelines are checked for cleanliness.
  2. Where necessary, we repair connecting and fixing pieces.
  3. During the repair process, valves are removed and temporarily replaced by connectors.
  4. Any remaining water is extracted from the pipe.
  5. We test for leaks by pumping air into the pipe system.
  6. If necessary, temporary bypasses are installed.

Step 2

Cleaning of the pipeline
  1. The pipe system is dried with heated high air pressure.
  2. Using conditioned hot air, we introduce a non-toxic abrasive. This agent removes all rust and corrosion particles.
  3. The removed corrosion material is collected in a collection unit.
  4. Again, fine air is blown through the tubes to remove residual waste and fine dust.

Step 3

Laying of inner layer in pipeline
  1. The cleaned pipe system is first reheated. In this way, we create an optimal internal surface environment (or another word).
  2. High pressure is used to test again for leaks.
  3. By means of hot water air flow, we apply a drinking water-safe epoxy coating.
  4. After applying an epoxy layer, controlled air is continuously passed through the pipe system to promote the hardening of the epoxy.

Step 4

Reciprocity of the system and evaluation

  1. Once the epoxy layer has hardened, all valves and connectors are reassembled in their original positions.
  2. We again extensively test for leaks and carry out a general inspection.
  3. Water, volume and flow are tested.

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Repairing sanitary pipes without breaking

Frequently asked questions

Corrosion manifests itself mainly through reduced pressure. Water with a reddish-brown or blue-green colour also indicates a problem. Traces of rust and corrosion can also be seen in zinc grit in the filter of the taps. Attention: In recent, traditional pipelines, there are of course no visible signs of corrosion, but the wear and tear process has already begun.

Leaks in traditional water pipes are inevitable. After all, the main cause is the water itself. Depending on the composition and temperature of the water and on the pressure in the pipes, this process can be faster. In any case, uncoated pipes show the first signs of corrosion after only two years. This corrosion initially leads to small leaks which later become larger.

The Nu Flow coating is suitable for galvanised, copper and non-metallic pipes. The treatment is always the same.

During the work, our team carries out several checks, including a visual inspection via the connection points of your plumbing. This way, we can guarantee the perfect cleaning of your pipes.

No. Large holes on the inside of the pipes cannot be repaired with our coating system. Therefore, damaged pieces are replaced by our team during the cleaning process.

The major cause of leaks is the water itself. Leaks are therefore inevitable in traditional water pipes. This wear and tear process can be faster depending on the composition and temperature of the water. Uncoated pipes show the first signs of corrosion after only two years. This leads to small leaks and in time to large leaks.

We guarantee durable pipes that are better than new with our coating system that is 100% resistant to corrosion and rust. 25-year warranty guaranteed.

No. Our team will do this for you with a specially designed floor covering. Moreover, all the work is done inside your home. This avoids bringing mud and dirt from outside into your home. We leave your home as we found it.

No. The unique system allows you to renew your pipes in peace - without inconvenience and without disturbing your daily activities.

Yes, unlike traditional repair work that is time-consuming and tedious, we clean and coat your pipes in no time.

No. After all, the health of you and your family is our top priority. The epoxy coating system is Belgaqua qualified.

What do customers say about us?


Some of the latest references for repairing sanitary pipes without breaking

Thank you very much! The problem with water in the basement seems to be completely solved, and in addition, the unpleasant smell in the hallway and in the house is completely gone. We are very satisfied with the professional approach and the lasting result that Nu Flow delivered.

Thanks for handling my mail super fast, and thanks also for the very good execution of the renovation of the water pipes.

Thank you very much for the work done, it was done in a very professional way by your people, punctual, friendly, correct, clean, no damage or dirt left behind. And the necessary explanation was given at the right time, keep up the good work.

Thank you very much for the follow-up and for the service provided ! Professional and neat, it may well be said.

"I would like to thank Nu Flow again for the professional work. Everything is back to normal, there is more pressure at the taps and also the "brown" water has disappeared, as your technician predicted."

We are very satisfied with the work carried out and the way it was done.

I would like to say that we are very satisfied with the way the work was carried out. We have seen a highly motivated, experienced fitter who did his work with sense and care, for which we are grateful. Hopefully we can count on years of pleasure from the renewed pipes.

Today, your workers came to repair the drain under the house, which I am extremely satisfied about. I would also like to thank the people from the planning department who ensured that I did not have to wait too long for this repair.


Repairing sanitary pipes

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