Repair water pipes without breaking? This is how we detect and eliminate the problems!

Repairing water pipes without breaking is our business. The importance of a water pipe is sometimes underestimated. And yet it is the one that keeps the sanitary 'kitchen' of your home running. Consequently, problems with the water pipes can mean a disaster scenario for you and your family. How do you recognise possible water pipe problems? And how to get rid of them? We explain:

Some of the symptoms in a row:

First aid for problems with your pipes: we're here for you! If your water pipe 'suffers' from any of the symptoms below, chances are that something is wrong:

  • Little pressure
  • Rust water
  • Corrosion

Only, these symptoms are not always easy to detect.

What to do now?

Need a chemical unblocker? Do you want to get the job done with a plopper? They only fix the problem temporarily. If you really want to repair water pipes in a targeted way, you need to uncover the underlying cause of the problem. So it is better to invest in a camera examination.

At Nu Flow we take a result-oriented approach to repairing your water pipes: we inspect your sewer with a camera to detect the exact cause and location of the problem. And of course, we fix the mess afterwards with our Patented Epoxy coating. The big advantage of all this? No breaking and scraping required!

Do you suspect that something is wrong with your water pipes? Do not hesitate to contact Nu Flow for a tailor-made proposal without any obligation: 056 23 00 30 or

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