Well renovation without breaking

Avoids having to replace the entire well

Urgent time for a well renovation?

Your wells get a lot of wear and tear over the years

We sometimes forget that the weather, for example, can have a major influence on the condition of our cistern / septic tank. Although a small crack may not be a problem in the beginning, it is advisable to repair your well in time to avoid bigger problems with your well.

Pit problems are difficult to identify

Avoids having to replace the entire well

Years of wear and tear and weather conditions can cause leaks and cracks in your septic tank or cistern. These are often undetectable to the naked eye, but come to light due to water in your basement, your cistern emptying without having used rainwater, odour nuisance, blockages and discolouration of your water. As soon as you "smell" something bad, it is advisable to let our Nu Flow specialists determine whether a well renovation is necessary.

Fast and efficient solution

Tailor-made pit renovations

At Nu Flow we know better than anyone that timely repair of your wells has great advantages. If after inspection it appears that a well renovation is necessary, you can contact Nu Flow for a quick and efficient solution. We re-cement your well and can thus often prevent you from having to replace the entire well.

Tailor-made pit renovations

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Renovating pits without breaking

Frequently asked questions

Although you can sometimes detect cracks yourself, our customers usually notice that there is a problem because the water level in the well is too low or it no longer fills up.

If you think there is a problem with your septic tank or cistern, we recommend that you have it checked as soon as possible, as it is cheaper to repair the tank than to replace it.

Wells undergo years of weathering, this together with the pressure in the well itself, often causes problems with the cement around it. It is therefore inevitable that leaks will appear after some time, with some wells this will be quicker than others.

If you let the cracks and fissures in your well run their course, this will always result in a bigger problem, such as bad smells or subsidence (washing away of the soil) of the surrounding soil. As a result, you will always have to have your entire well replaced, which is much more expensive than simply repairing the well.

First, the well is cleaned and drained under high pressure; where necessary, we will inject the leaks to make sure that the mortar can properly seal the leak in your cistern / septic tank. After this, we apply the cement and let it harden so that your cistern is like new again.

The cement lining of Nu Flow ensures that the life span of the well is extended. It protects the well against cracks or tears for a longer period of time.

No, thanks to our system we can work extremely efficiently, but we must give the cement time to dry.

What do customers say about us?


Some of the latest references for well repair without breaking

We are very satisfied with Nu Flow and their team. The repair was carried out very well.

Super satisfied with the service of Nu Flow. Our compliments to the staff who made our pit watertight!

In any case, thank you very much for the excellent service! It is a great relief for the whole family.

Thank you for the smooth handling

By the way, my compliments to your staff who made our well watertight, nothing but praise for them!


Well renovation

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