Water management: that's why it is a big challenge in Belgium

Water management is a major challenge in Belgium. Healthy and sufficient drinking water: in Flanders, we still consider it a luxury. To such an extent that we use drinking water for the dishes, a shower, washing the car, and so on.

But - together with the cost of processing waste water - you as a Fleming pay approximately 3.5 euros per cubic metre of tap water. For a year of drinking water use, that comes to 14.5 euros. Of which you use only 1 euro to actually drink it. Punishment ...

Why does nobody do anything about it?

Each region - Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels - has its own water policy. But: Europe also has its share. It demands that - by the end of 2015 - the quality of ground and surface water complies with the standards. This means that the three regions urgently need to put their heads together. The goal? To form a Belgian water policy that complies with the imposed rules. But that does not seem to be going smoothly in Belgium.

The point is: time is money. So if we do not meet the standard soon, we will soon be faced with a fine. Moreover, groundwater extraction is becoming difficult in certain regions. There is sufficient surface water, but the costs of cleaning it up are high. And you as a consumer pay part of the cake.

Future challenges and current solutions

Due to the expected rise in temperature, the cooling effect of water in power stations will be lower. This will also reduce the availability of water in the long term.

Fortunately, our country has already taken some measures. For example, three gigantic Archimedes screws were installed in the lock complex on the Albert Canal. When the water level is low, the water is pumped to a higher element of the canal. When the level is high, the pumps then function as electricity generators.

And how can you do your bit?

You too can contribute to water policy. Think: use water sparingly and sensibly. This applies to households, industry and also the agricultural and horticultural sectors. Do not throw water away. And take shorter showers, too - that will save a lot in the long run.

At Nu Flow we are already fans of a sustainable water policy! Do you have tips on how to use water more efficiently? Feel free to share them!

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