Leak detection to prevent moisture problems: 3 smart tips

Moisture problems are no laughing matter: they damage your home and are bad for your health. Timely action is the message! But how do you do that exactly, prevent moisture problems? We present you with 3 strong tips and start with leak detection.

1. Detect leaks in time

Detecting water leaks - not everyone is into it. And yet a preventive approach is more than desirable. Be sure to check for rust in your water pipes. This sneaky culprit causes leaks the longer they last. Consequence: after a while your bathroom becomes the victim of ugly moisture stains or mould.

And what if it is too late?

You certainly don't have to start doing things yourself. Nu Flow uses advanced leak detection techniques. There is not even any breaking necessary: you hardly experience any inconvenience!

2. Ventilate your home

Your house needs adequate ventilation. Reason: the moist air must be removed. Otherwise, sooner or later you will have to deal with moisture problems. How exactly do you ventilate your home? That depends on the age and type of home. If it concerns newly built houses or large-scale renovations, a ventilation system is even compulsory. Do you not have such a system? Then you can leave the windows ajar for a while.

And what if it is too late?

Then it is important to act quickly. Depending on the type of moisture problem, Nu Flow will choose a suitable method of fighting it. Solve your moisture problems today!

3. Avoid thermal bridges

A thermal bridge is the result of inadequate insulation. A sort of figurative bridge between the climate in your home and the outside air, so to speak. Not only does such a bridge let the heat out of your home, it also causes condensation. And a warm indoor temperature + a lower outdoor temperature = mould.

And what if it is too late?

If you have mould growth or other moisture problems, Nu Flow is the right place to start: almost every technique is possible, without digging or breaking work!

Contact us for leak detection, additional information and/or questions: 056 23 00 30 or info@nuflow.be. Or follow the latest updates via Facebook and/or LinkedIn

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