Repairing water pipes without breaking so you use less water?

Did you know that we use about 110 litres of tap water every day? Even worse: we use most of it for bathing or showering and flushing toilets. Every litre is basically drinking water that we just throw away. Time to take action and repair your water pipes without breaking them so you use less water! Below, we give you 5 more unseen tips for even lower water consumption (and fewer water problems like a leaking water pipe).

  1. Take shorter showers
    Did you know that if you showered for 1 minute less, you would save an average of 10 litres of water per shower? Talk about food for thought ...
  2. Keep track of your water bill
    Toilets also use a lot of water. Is your water bill skyrocketing? Then there is a chance that something is wrong with your toilet. A toilet that leaks a quarter of a litre of water a minute is wasting 360 litres a day. That's asking for water problems! Our advice: Regularly check the toilet flushing bowl.
  3. Keep an eye on your water meter
    In addition to your water bill, it is best to keep an eye on your water meter. Check it regularly, as this is exactly how you can detect water leaks. Read the meter at the beginning of a period when no water is being used (e.g. just before you go to bed). Check the meter reading some time later (in the morning). Is there a significant difference? Then a leak can also be the underlying culprit.
  4. Be creative with rainwater
    With rainwater you can perfectly wash the car, water the plants or flush the toilet. And remember: not only is rainwater free of charge, it also usually contains less lime than tap water!
  5. Do not use too much washing powder in your washing machine
    Use your washing powder sparingly when putting your washing machine to work. The more detergent you use, the more foam will build up. And that means your washing machine has to rinse more often. And that means higher consumption of both water and electricity.

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