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Moisture problems are usually discovered at a late stage. The presence of too much moisture often causes problems in your home. Therefore, do not postpone the repair work, because if you let the moisture n uisance muddle along, it will only go from bad to worse and it can cost you many euros.

Depending on the type of dampness, it will have to be dealt with differently.
We distinguish 3 types:

  1. Damp interior walls
    Moisture in internal walls, for example, is caused by penetrating moisture moving through the external wall, rising damp coming from the ground, or a broken pipe. The damp interior walls in turn cause loose plaster, flaking paint and mould, which in turn cause health problems.
  2. Moisture penetration
    Penetrating damp is caused by damage to outer walls and is therefore common in old houses. Climbing, collapsing and crack formation cause damage to outer walls. Penetrating damp is caused by snow, rain and hail.
  3. Condensation moisture is caused by the air around us always containing a certain amount of water vapour. If this has nowhere to go, moisture will be caused. This is why the ventilation of the various rooms is very important.

Combating dampness is therefore specialist work, and only becomes worse if you put it off. Walls, for example, will get colder and only attract more moisture, rising damp will not disappear of its own accord and condensation is everywhere.

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