Camera inspection helps prevent problems in drains and pipes

Thanks to a camera inspection or camera examination, many problems in pipes and drains can be prevented.

Did you know...?

... all kinds of lime deposits and the like are clogging the pipes and thus gradually reducing the pressure?

... lead pipes provide lead in drinking water and are harmful to your health?

... water leaking from your pipes rises in the walls and causes damage?

... invisible leaks get bigger and suddenly cause major damage?

... steel in contact with oxygen-rich water is prone to rust very quickly?

Nu Flow's patented technology stops leaks for good? And creates a permanent, structural pipe in the already existing drain?

Please be with the foreseen women/men and ask for our camera inspection to avoid problems.

With Nu Flow your drainage systems are back on track. In this way, you will not only protect your building, but in the long term also your health and that of your loved ones.

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